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Looking for a special gift?

Adopt a Manx Shearwater

and support the work of Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory

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The person who receives this gift will receive:

A personalised adoption certificate with ‘their’ Manx Shearwater’s ring number

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An introduction letter and a photo of ‘their’ bird taken on Bardsey

A fridge magnet, small knitted shearwater chick

Update on the breeding season, including any sightings of ‘their’ bird and, if lucky, a photo of ‘their’ bird’s chick

Updates for a further two years*

COST: £25

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* If we have an email address for the recipient of the gift

Bardsey is the summer home of 16,000 breeding pairs of Manx Shearwaters. These extraordinary birds begin their lives as chicks in the old rabbit burrows, which are all around the island.


The chicks fledge from the burrows in September and fly to South America, where they stay for 3-4 years. They then return to Wales to breed, often returning to the island on which they hatched. They are very long-lived birds, the oldest bird we know of is over 50 years old.


Work done by Observatory staff, such as ringing adults and recording the development of chicks, provides information on their breeding success and enables us to monitor the health of the island population of this incredible species of seabird.


The money raised from your adoption gift will go towards paying for this vital work to continue.

How to order:

Download an order form here. Complete the form and post, along with a cheque made payable to Bardsey Bird & Field Observatory, to:

Adopt a Manxie, Jo Jones, 70 Newmarket Road, Burwell, Cambs, CB25 0AE


Alternatively you can order using the PayPal button below but please remember to also complete the form below too otherwise we will not be able to complete the order.


If you have not already done so and you are able to please Gift Aid all your purchases from Bardsey Bird & Field Observatory, it is valuable extra income for us. You can download a Gift Aid form here.



To RENEW an Adopt a Manxie please visit the Renew an Adopt a Manxie page.

NOTE: Due to the limited number of readily accessible Manx Shearwater burrows on the island we cannot guarantee that an adoption is unique, more than one person may adopt the same bird.

* Required

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an Adopt a Manxie online please complete the form below otherwise we will not be able to complete the order.