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Become a Trustee

Have you ever thought about getting more involved with the running of the observatory? Do you have the time and the drive to make a difference to how the Charity is run?


If the answer is yes then why not take a look at becoming a Trustee of BBFO. The Trustees have decided that a board of Trustees of between 8-10 people would be a good target, so we are actively seeking new Trustees.


If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please get in touch with the Hon. Secretary Andrew Lawrence giving a few details about yourself such as any skills you have and your background. You can download the Charity Commission's guide 'The Essential Trustee' from this page for further information.


Trustees are elected at each AGM, however, the existing Trustees have the power to bring new trustees on board between AGMs so if you are interested please get in touch. To stand for election nominations must be with the Hon. Secretary one month before the date of the AGM. The nominee and the person nominating them must both be members of BBFO. Download the nomination form from this page and either email or post the completed form to Andrew Lawrence.


Click HERE to email the secretary.